Oh, I have a bottle capper you can have, and some caps. Once a year is fine for bottling, I'm sure, but I'm doing 19-litre batches several times through the year, and ain't nobody got time for that!

My current scrambled egg method for morning scrambled eggs, when I can't be arsed cooking properly but want something more than porridge or cereal:

* take one microwave-proof mug. Wider top is better. Drop in a spoonful of butter/spreadable-I-totally-believe-it's-not-butter and muddle it around (so the cooked egg doesn't stick to the mug),

* crack in an egg, pour in about one dropeen, or 15ml, of milk (*), and whatever herbs you're going to use (I like white pepper, dried garlic, and/or turmeric), and beat it all with a fork.

* Put on your toast now.

* Stick into an 800W microwave for 1 minute (adjust for other strengths). When it dings, take it out, and mix everything up well. Stick it back in for another minute.

* Your toast should pop up near the end of the minute, commence buttering.

* Your egg should now be ready, too. Rinse cup immediately, or some egg may stick. Serve with more pepper of your choice. Yum.

(*) You can leave out the milk, but in my experience it then becomes rubbery.

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Love hearing about your experiences with food preservation, and your cider too! Cidermaking is a big part of my autumn here, nice to see I can continue the tradition once I'm over in Ireland.

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