There was a terrible generic this-is-why-you-should-subscribe page here, which among other sins used the word “crew” as a collective noun for the existing subscribers. No.

Really, this newsletter exists so that I can ramble about food, food history, food supplies, growing food, cooking food, eating food, and, uh, food, while not feeling that I am inflicting my ramblings on an increasingly bemused and not-terribly-interested audience, as is likely to happen elsewhere.

If you know me, and you like my lecture mode - and I know a few people like to set me off and then sit back and listen - then this newsletter will appeal to you. If you don’t know me, well, you’re very welcome to subscribe anyway. Tell your friends.

[I can also be found in the newsletters Ebb & Flow (lifestyle to Commonplace’s food magazine) and Gentle Decline (… a sort of doom-mongering almanac, I suppose).]


Drew Shiel
Food Historian, Cook, Occasional Doom-monger. He/him.